What You Can Do - Volunteers - KHS Needs You!

  Do you have an interest in history? Perhaps you have skills to help with, writing up and accessioning archives, photographing our many and varied documents and photographs to digitally capture records, or researching and writing. Maybe you have excellent PC skills, or would just like to volunteer some time and learn about the Museum and Archives. Perhaps you have knowledge and skills that could greatly assist the work that can be done. Would you enjoy outings to photograph and document locate historic sites? KHS is a volunteer organization, with a handful of active members and any help you can give, would be very welcome

 TIME to volunteer at the Kununurra Museum and Archive. Would you like to spend time in pleasant air conditioned surroundings, meeting new people, catching up on  the East Kimberley’s unique history, and sharing your love of the region with our visitors. Perhaps you have skills we could use so tell us - Maybe you have app and/or pc programming or other skills that could be useful!

What can you do? - Volunteer to Skill-up!

There are so many aspects to this work that you will never be bored. Learn new skills like - the digitisation and documentation of collections - advanced image manipulation - conservation and preservation of archives - online researching history techniques - document digitisation to text (OCR) - document transcription from OCR correction to transcription of hand-written diaries - be involved in field trips - creation of new museum displays - archival work - working with batches of images to add documentation (as IPTC Metadata) - Advanced Google Earth skills, the list goes on to cleaning our work areas and the importance of keeping the museum and archive dust and pest free. Free real Coffee & WiFi (within reason ;^) ! Become a volunteer at the Kununurra Museum & Archive

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Volunteers - KHS Needs You!

 Become a volunteer at the Kununurra Museum & Archive - The venue is pleasant, cool and a treasure house of the East Kimberley region's past. Contact Us or drop in to the Museum any afternoon you see us open, 72 Coolibah Drive.

For further information contact us, any time (via email ;^) KHS meets at the Museum 7pm on the 1st Tuesday of the month.

If you cannot volunteer you can still support this work by joining KHS!

TOP - What You Can Do - Volunteers - KHS Needs You!