All KHS Library Accessions are now OnLine!

Post date: Feb 04, 2012 9:15:47 AM

Thanks to great work undertaken in 2010 by KHS volunteer Senja and other dedicated volunteers, all KHS Library Accession listings are now available to search on this site. Type in your name and see if your book or? is here?

Much other work has recently been completed on the site. Along with the new Library Accession pages is a new page on the Carlton Reach Pump Engine, first in use by Kim and Bill Durack at Carlton Reach in the dry season of 1942 (70 Years ago in 2012).

As well these pages have had major overhauls and are now easier to navigate using a page contents link; 1921 WA/NT Border Determinations - Intro ; 1921 WA/NT Border Determinations (Main Page) ; Naming Kununurra ; Info for Non Profits ;

Much work goes into this project to make this KHS information "Accessible to ALL!" - We hope you enjoy it and can help support the presentation of more work like this, that KHS would like to see made more accessible. You may be able to help as a volunteer or you would also be supporting the work of the society and receive regular updates if you Join KHS Now!