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See all of Kununurra Museum's YouTube Channel videos from our "Kimberley History Playlist" embedded here on this page. You can read more in the actual DV Descriptions that are on all videos (on YouTube), as there is some interesting history in those descriptions - (eg. Read the Croc Skull description on YouTube - Added to YouTube 19 III 2023 - Enjoy!  :^)

Kununurra Museum - Croc Skull (Revolver Shot - 11 sec :^)

Kununurra Museum - WARNING! (11 sec :^( )

 Early Days (1899 :^) - Crossing the Ord River (5 min 30 sec :^)

Early Days - Crossing the Ord River (in 1899) - Ivanhoe Crossing (Short Kimberley Histories :^)

Setting the scene you are in a "four in hand" buggy (meaning drawn by four horses)  driven by Patsy Durack, and you are crossing the great sandy bed of the Ord River near Ivanhoe station, thirty years before the first concrete crossing at Ivanhoe. 

Some true history about the writer of the 1899 article the film is based on.  In 1899 the owner-editor of the Northern Territory Times newspaper at Port Darwin, George Washington Mayhew with wife, Mary Ann (known as Molly) and 3 year old son, Jack Mayhew (my Grandfather - AB :^) were visiting GWM's in-laws Kilfoyles at Rosewood station.  

Tom Kilfoyle's wife Catherine (Catty) was Mary Ann's sister and there brother, Will, Mick & Jim, had been with the Duracks at Thylungra and had the first lease under House Roof Hill on the south side of the Ord River there, between Goose Hill and House Roof Hill, on what later became the Mantinea plain (named as Black Pat Durack later had a lease to the east of the Bryrne Brothers lease, between Wyndham and Kununurra.

The Byrne Bros lease is on the first Lands Dept cancelled public plan, from 1886 but by 1890 they had sold that lease  and "moved their camp" to the "Six Mile," where the three brothers built the very first "Six Mile Hotel" that earned its own place in Kimberley history.  Anything there before 1890 was no more than a tent shanty and not run by them.  Once their new hotel was nearing completion they sent for their younger sisters, to come and help run the hotel.  In 1890 the four Byrne sisters, from oldest [CHECK], Catherine (Cattie), Johanna, (Jo'), Mary Ann (Molly) and youngest in the family, Maggie.  Imagine how popular their "Byrneside" Six Mile Hotel at Wyndham became, with four single, Australian born Irish girls, "running the pub!"

Cattie married Tom Kilfoyle in 1893, after which the rest of the girls moved to Port Darwin after the Byrne brothers sold the hotel.  Mary Ann married George Washington Mayhew, the writer of the article used in the film.

"The Miles from Wyndham" - A classic from Maggie Lilly (1 min 26 sec :^)

"A Grave in the Long Grass" (near Old Ivanhoe :^) - (3 min 30 sec :^)

In Search of "Black Pat" Durack's, 1885 View Hill Store (41 min 40 sec :^)

March 17th 1963 St. Patrick's Day "Royal Tour" to Kununurra

(Kevin Richards brilliant and rare 16mm colour silent  film - 6 min 24 sec)

Wyndham's 1st Air Raid by the Japanese - March 3rd 1942

Wyndham Aeradio - Rod Torrington (CAHS) Oral History Extract (9 min 45 sec :^)

Kununurra Museum's "Wirraway-Challenge" Display 

(Here are the 8 parts from an "8 Part DVD" - created 2004-2005 )

1. Finding Wirraway A20-62 Forced Landing Site (9 min 41 sec :^)

2. CAC Wirraway - Fisherman's Bend Slideshow (9 min 54 sec :^)

3. "Australia has Wings" CAC Wirraway Fisherman's Bend (10 min :^)

4. CAC Wirraway A20-62 Forced-Landing "Site - Salvage" (10 min :^)

5. March 20th 1942 Wirraway A20-62 Forced-Landing (29 min :^)

[This is Lew Dwyer, the pilot's story of survival, in his own words. :^]

6. Before the "Wirraway-Challenge" Display Opening (7 min 25 sec :^) 

(March 2005 preparations at the home of Dutch paper conservator, Mario Kolk and Dr Marieke Bos MD in Kununurra :^ ) 

7. Kununurra Museum's "Wirraway-Challenge" "Display Opening" (2005) 

March 20th 2005 ( 18 Years Ago in 2023 - 27 min  :^)

8. Kununurra Museum's "NT Open Air Pictures during WWII" (9 min 27 sec :^)

I created this while researching Wirraway A20-62 after finding a number of different photographs (many from the NT Library :^) of the many outdoor picture theatres (just like our own "Kununurra Picture Gardens :^) that they created out in the war-time bush of the Northern Territory, and right across the top end of Australia.  I have visited the site of one at the WWII Secret Air Base, Truscott, on the Anjo Peninsular, between Vansitart Bay and Napier Broome Bay, just the metal frame left standing.  Enjoy!

Other DVs (from Kununurra Museum :^ Australian Govt Australian Commonwealth Parliamentary Hansard HACKED (4 min 35 sec :^)

1963 Royal Tour to Kununurra - Parts 1 & 2 (Combined 17 minutes :-)

Early Days (1899) - Crossing the Ord at Ivanhoe - (1st Edit - 5 min 30 sec :^)

The Ord River Dam Official Opening - June 30th 1972 (4 min 48 sec :^)

Commemorating 50 Years Ago Today (in 2022 :^)

1819 - Philip Parker King in HMC Mermaid named Cambridge Gulf (18 min 8 sec - *NEW* - 20th March 2023 :^)

[This is raw capture to demonstrate how I use Google Earth Pro to overlay any old plan - which anyone can do - "Add Image Overlay" then tweak until it fits, Use slider to fade the plan in or out of view on Google Earth - Like in the DV - Watch at DOUBLE Speed (settings "wheel") as it is slo-o-o-o-ow.  See the video description for more information. This was uploaded on May 20th 2020 but was "Private" until today - 20 III 2023 - "Wirraway-Challenge" Day on March 20th every year, Lest We Forget. :^]

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