Kununurra Townsite Proclamation

Post date: Feb 27, 2011 7:18:18 PM

KHS Open Night - February 10th 2011 - 50th Anniversary of the town being Gazetted.

To celebrate 50 years since the Gazetting of the Town of Kununurra on February 10th 1961 - A ceremony and events happened at 4pm on the lawn area in front of the former PWD Hostel & Club (Country Club Resort). People Called into the museum before the event or dropped in after and a successful evening saw about 50 people come in that evening.

The organisers had moved the event from the civic area of town to be closer to the Museum, as we had planned to be open for people to view "A Photographic Journey on the Ord" - To see the results so far of the KHS digitisation program. 

Go to the 1961 Townsite Proclamation Page to see the text of the proclamation or download the February 10th 1961 Government Gazette from there.