2 Million Views on Flickr

Post date: Jan 08, 2017 6:50:39 AM

 In December we had our 2nd Millionth view of our archival photographic collections on Flickr!  KHS has over 2,000 images online which can be viewed in various ways. Our first Million came in August 2014 which took 3 years and six months from when we started on Flickr in 2011. Our 2nd million views took 2 years and four months from August 2014 (1st Million).

 If these photographs had not been digitised and placed online, they would have still been in the archive and virtually nobody would have seen them. KHS - Making archives accessible to show the significance of this Kimberley History to anyone, anywhere in the world! Enjoy!

The best way to view KHS collections on Flickr from...

KHS Subject Themes - 100 albums (Linked to Image Above - Click Image)


KHS Archive Collections - 19 albums


or view as individual Albums from here...

KHS Albums on Flickr - Page 1 - Decades then A-F