2014 Annual General Meeting

Post date: Feb 21, 2014 9:16:1 AM

The AGM for the Kununurra Historical Society has been set down for Tuesday, March 4th, 2014 at 7pm and will be held at the Kununurra Museum in Coolibah Drive. All Welcome!

Excerpt on AGMs from the KHS Constitution:

10.2. Annual General Meeting

10.2.1 The Annual General Meeting will be held in March each year.

10.2.2 For the election of office bearers at the Annual General Meeting, the President shall appoint, as presiding officer, an independent person or a member who is neither nominated for election nor a current executive office bearer.

10.2.3 The order of business at the Annual General Meeting shall be:


Presentation of:

President's Annual Report

Treasurer's Financial Report

Archive Officer's Report

Committee Reports

Election of Office Bearers

President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Archive Officer

The election of a Patron (Optional)

The election of a Trustee (Recommended, Optional)

The appointment of an Auditor


General Business

10.2.4 At least fourteen (14) days before the Annual General Meeting the Secretary may elect to:

(i) Send a notice of meeting to each financial member.

or (ii) Publish a notice of meeting in the local newspaper.

Any accidental omission to give notice under choice (ii) will not invalidate the meeting.

10.2.5 In the event of a quorum not being present thirty minutes after the advertised starting time, the Annual Meeting shall be adjourned to a date to be fixed by the President within 30 days thereafter and to be held whether a quorum is present or not.


11.1 The quorum for attendance at Committee Meetings shall be five financial members,two of whom must be elected officers of the executive.

11.2 The quorum for attendance at Annual General Meetings and Special General Meetings shall be ten financial members or two thirds of the the Society's financial members, whichever is the lesser.

[End of excerpt from KHS Constitution]

View the KHS Constitution

From today you can now see the entire (current) KHS Constitution here on the website or as downloadable PDFs from there.

Proposed Constitution Changes 2014

 There is a great need for some changes to our constitution to bring it up-to-date for the 21st century. We invite members and others with current constitution experience to view the 2014 proposed changes. Until we get this onto a separate page. Please feel free to email us for a copy of the 2014 proposed changes. A full downloadable copy of the constitution as it is now, is available from the KHS Constitution (page) here on this website