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Contact or visit the Kununurra Museum, run by volunteer members of the Kununurra Historical Society (KHS - Goes to Map ;^)

Visit the Kununurra Museum

72 Coolibah Drive, Kununurra

(225 metres from the Post Office).

See the Kununurra Museum Map (below)

If you are in Kununurra please feel welcome to visit our Museum and soak up some incredibly interesting East Kimberley history.

The Kununurra Historical Society is a completely volunteer run organisation, registered as a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR & as a Charity) with all donations over $2 being fully tax deductible.

Kununurra Museum

Archive, Gallery, Library, Museum & Research facility 

MAP - PO to Kununurra Museum (225m - KHS Made map with history ;-)

Map showing path from Post Office to the Kununurra Museum (225m - with history ;^)

Opening Hours

Always Dependent on Volunteer Availability!

Dry Season Hours - April to September

OPEN - Opening Monday to Friday - Afternoons (12.30-5.30pm)

These hours are indicative only.  Often the Museum is open before the advertised opening time so if the gate is open and there is a car there, chances are that the museum is open.  Most days in 2020 we have been open by 11am and some days before that.

Wet Season Hours

 The Kununurra  Museum is often open during the wet season October to March, so if the gate is open and a car in the driveway, feel free to come in for some great history.

All HOURS are dependent on volunteer availability - may be earlier opening or later - closing too! (Generally - If the Gate is Open and a vehicle in the driveway then we are Open ;^), or it may be possible to pre-arrange to open outside these hours for genuine reasons (24 hr notice preferred).

For an alternative map to the map above (for use on a Kununurra Museum Flyer), there is also a map to the Kununurra Museum on the Kununurra Museum run by KHS - Facebook Page

KHS Address

72 Coolibah Drive - PO Box 77


Please Note that Kununurra is one of the few places in Australia, where there are NO MAIL DELIVERIES at all IE No house has a 'letter-box' out the front - as has always been the case in the town's history, people have a Post Office Box. So when POSTING anything to KHS always be sure to use our Post Office (PO) Box Number "77" to send anything by mail to the Society. (TIA - Thanks In Advance ;^)

eMail KHS

To arrange opening outside hours please Email:

or Phone Kununurra Museum on +61 (0)8 9169 3331

KHS Archive Images On-Line

A Photographic Journey on the Ord

See links to KHS images on Flickr from KHS/Digital Archive/Collections page here on this website.

See around 3000 photographs that have been digitised and documented by dedicated KHS volunteers for
"A Photographic Journey on the Ord."