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The Kununurra Historical Society has an interesting collection of books, journals, manuscripts, newspapers, pamphlets and other documents, as well as audio-visual collections (audio, film, DV, DVD and VHS video). There are items which are of, Local, State and National Significance, with some items of rarity, in the cataloge, which are not listed in any other library collection in Australia or possibly the World. - View the accessions in the year the book was donated or accessioned to the society library from here... or Search ALL KHS Library Accessions

KHS Library Accessions Listings

These library accession listings have been created for current and future generations of researchers and the community of Kununurra by dedicated volunteers. You can help support the work of KHS – http://www.kununurra.org.au/home/khs-membership-forms – Join KHS NOW!

(To Libraries Australia format standards, thanks to KHS VOLUNTEER in 2010, Senja Randall : )

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[Donations of archival collections to the KHS Archive between 1986 and 1997 (11 - eleven years) were all accessioned in 1997 and 1998]

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The KHS Library is a Reference Library, and you will be welcome to research any of the library accessions in KHS listings at the KHS Archive, Library, Museum & Research facility located in the heart of Kununurra.

If you want to volunteer, no experience is necessary and tasks are many and varied at KHS. Get involved to help out with your history in your archive! Contact KHS Now! OR You will be supporting the work of the society if you Join KHS Now!

Significance Definition

"Significance refers to the value and meanings that items and collections have for people and communities. Significance helps unlock the potential of collections, creating opportunities for communities to access and enjoy collections, and to understand the history, cultures and environments of Australia". From Significance 2.0 a guide to assessing the significance of collections, by Roslyn Russell and Kylie Winkworth for the Collections Council of Australia Ltd. (Now axed - This may still be available online as a PDF - Search title).

Treasures of significance, such as documents, and manuscripts that are not found in any other collecting institutions can be found among these listings from the KHS Library accessions. Even more interesting material is in collections from the KHS Archive, which has not yet been placed online.

KHS Archive Listings

(Not yet online)

As digitisation and documentation improves and more archival collections are documented, KHS will attempt to make them accessible to all in a future "Archival Accessions" page, but we need more active members and volunteers to help with the collection.

Join KHS! and volunteer to assist in some various and interesting activities, with fascinating collection of local, State and National significance.

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Open or download the following linked document as a pdf (KHS-2011 - Library Accession Listing Document Web - 03.02.2012.pdf ) you can save a copy to your hard drive for personal research. KHS Library Listings  - © 2012 Kununurra Historical Society Inc. - Contact us for any further publication of this document or listings.

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