KHS now has eMail domain - Set Up!

Post date: Feb 04, 2012 8:50:10 AM

Have finally managed to set this up on the same day as the web site's 1st birthday (31st January 2012 - see post on News Page) through the FREE (for reador Non-Profits) Google Apps - Let KHS know if you need help. Read more at our page on Information for Non Profits (Here on this site! :). While on that subject, and on the same day KHS also registered our FREE (for Non Profis - See Google Grants at the link above), newly DL'd version of "Google Earth PRO," which looks to be far more useful than the standard version. Already new discoveries have been made using this, during new research into the history of naming the Kimberley Region.

You can now email for all enquiries.