Wirraway DVs on Kununurra Museum YouTube Channel

Post date: Nov 05, 2015 1:26:55 PM

This Digital Video (DV) set in 8 parts, was originally created in 2005 as a DVD for the Kununurra Museum - Wirraway-Challenge Display. This has been made public in November 2015, as we now have a Rights Agreement with, and thanks to, ABC (Australia). They have allowed us to use the audio from a radio interview made in 2005, by Vanessa Mills of ABC Kimberley Regional radio, Broome, which is used as the audio for some parts of the DV (Thanks Vanessa for your part in this : ).

 It is now 10 years since the opening of the display by the Wirraway A20-62 pilots, Lew Dwyer (in person), and Warwick Carmody (by phone), on March 20th 2005. The forced-landing site was first located and filmed, then salvaged by Andrew, Mario and Marieke in September and October 2004 and then to March 20th 2005 creating these DVs and the "Wirraway-Challenge" display which was opened at the Kununurra Museum on that day.

'Wirraway-Challenge' - Wirraway means Challenge

 On the Kununurra Museum YouTube Channel is the story of finding the Wirraway A20-62 forced-landing (March 20th 1942) site in 2004, on the far north East Kimberley Region coastal saltmarsh, about 6km from the Northern Territory border (129 degrees east longitude), just inside Western Australia. Along the border where they force-landed in March 1942 is right in the middle of the widest part of the huge coastal saltmarsh out there, being almost 40km from the bush to the actual coastline. The site was found while looking for glacial rocks that were marked on an old Geological map (Later they were found to not be glacial tillite, but in fact river tumbled rocks from an ancient Ord-Victoria River system).

 Many parts which were salvaged in September and October 2004 are now on permanent display at the Kununurra Museum.

The pilot of the Wirraway, Lew Dwyer phoned me a few weeks ago, and has done so, regularly, since 2004 - Lew turned 94 a few weeks ago in October 2015, still in his home at Taylor's Beach in Queensland.

Andrew Barker (President) for Kununurra Historical Society. The DV embedded here is the only DV without audio and is an interesting little edit I made (ten years ago), from still images of outdoor picture theatres of the Top End, during WWII, which I had come across during my research into 12 Squadron and Wirraway A20-62.

[It was edited with "Let's Edit" (Canopus - later became Edius - Grass Valley software).]

Click the 4 cornered gadget on lower right of control bar to go Full Screen (Escape to return) If Full Screen does not work you may need to watch it on the YouTube as below.

ALL Parts 1-8 are now Public and visible from the Kununurra Museum YouTube Channel - OR You can go to the KHS Research Page - where there is a separate research page on the "Wirraway-Challenge" which has more detail and links to all 8 DV parts.

Once you get to the end of the video - YouTube may serve up all sorts - Click on our Name below the video (Kununurra Museum) to get to our YouTube Channel which is at http://www.youtube.com/user/KununurraMuseum - KHS hopes you enjoy!