Info for Non Profits

Information for Australian Not-for-Profit Organisations

Almost everything KHS has online has been accomplished at almost no cost and small collecting institutions are welcome to contact KHS for further information. If you are considering to pay large amounts of money for image digitisation/manipulation or web development all can be accomplished at virtually no cost apart from your voluntary time.

Free Web Hosting on Google Sites

Search "Google Sites" (or see below) This KHS website was created FREE on "Google Sites" and (the domain name is) hosted free on "Google Apps (for Non-Profits)" through Google Sites.  2023 News - Our old website ended on March 3rd 2023 and has been transitioned to *"NEW" Google Sites, and hopefully all will be migrated from our old site, to the new Google Sites platform, which will supposedly provide much better navigation on any of your  devices in a new modern format.  

Free grants of Google Earth PRO & Google 3D Sketchup for Non Profits

KHS recently (2014?) applied for and has received code to activate free 1 year (renewable) free grants for use of Google Earth PRO & Google 3D Sketchup (Not yet activated).

[News Flash (June 2015) - Noticed last night that Google Earth Pro is now FREE for anybody! - AB 25 VI 2015]

 You can Download Google Earth Pro (Opens in new tab) - Use of Google Earth Pro requires a valid license key. As of January 20, 2015, Earth Pro licenses are now free. After getting your Earth Pro license, you can register, download, install, and sign in to start using Earth Pro's advanced features. 

Google Apps for Non-Profit Organisations, which has provided all our domain email hosting (FREE) for all for last ten years or so.

For both above and others see Google for Non-Profits at

"You’re changing the world. We want to help."

Apply for the Google for Nonprofits program and get access to exclusive products and resources to help your organization expand its impact.

Learn more about whether your organization is eligible and apply today.

Free Flickr Pro Accounts for Non Profit Organisations

KHS has been using the Flickr (photographic upload) platform since 2010, to make archival photographs and documents more "Accessible" to all.  Many images on this website are "stored" on the Flickr site. Clicking images will take you to the Flickr site, where it can be seen that images can be arranged into "sets" to show years or themes in an an easy to use organised fashion. Non Profit organisations that meet requirements can get almost free Flickr Pro accounts (allowing unlimited uploads).

Also See - KHS on Flickr

Freeware Image Manipulation Software - IrfanView

IrfanView is used extensively by KHS for image and batch image processing. Also see Metadata in Images

Free File Recovery Software

See - Digital Disaster Recovery

Free equivalent to M$ Office = "Open Office"

 Recommended by the National Library of Australia for future-proof archival electronic documents - The "Open Office" (OO) suite has equivalents to M$Word (OO "Write"), M$Excell (OO "Calc"), M$Access (OO "Base"), M$Powerpoint (OO "Presentation), as well as OO "Draw", Formulae - OO "Math" - All KHS documents are created using Open Office - Export any document type to create PDFs or HTML for Web.

For the Open Office Suite visit

(BUT DL the KHS Membership Form 1st - See - Join KHS Now! :-)