1963 Royal Tour

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 In 2012 I found three 8mm films, taken by different people, Revell Brothers, farmers had taken 8mm film, as had Dennis O'Brien and a form-work capenter on the Diversion Dam, Clee Henskens, who later died after an Asthma attack, was buried in the Gully cemetery and his family returned to Holland, many years later his son, on holiday from Holland with his family, came into the Kununurra Museum with a digital copy of his father's films.  These films had been languishing in the Kununurra archive but as the 50th anniversary approached in 2013.  All three were edited, mixed with stills from KHS collections and a narration added. This was then placed on Kununurra Museum's YouTube "Cinema" (YouTube Channel :^) - See first video below.

 When I wrote and told members about this, Karen Richards wrote back to say that her father, KRS Entomologist, Kevin Richards, had taken a beautiful 16mm colour film of the Royal Tour, and asked me if we would like to have it.  As 16mm film can be tricky, I did not want to be responsible for accidentally destroying part of the film, so suggested they donate it to the National Film & Sound Archive,  which Karen did.  With that also went the suggestion that if that were to happen, can you ask to get them to provide us with a good digital copy, which is how we later placed this beautiful 16mm colour film of Kevin's into this playlist.  That 16mm colour silent film  gives us the great shot of the RAAF Convair landing on the dirt strip runway, captured beautifully by Kevin. - See the second video below.

The two videos above are from the Kununurra Museum YouTube "Cinema" (Channel :^) - The Video below is from the Mannion Collection at the NT Police Museum Historical Society's YouTube Channel.  This shows the Royal Yacht Britannia in Darwin Harbour - The Royal Tour party were staying on-board Britannia, while staying  in Darwin, from where they flew down to Kununurra on March 17th 1963, where they remained for an hour and a half visit.   This DV is also present on the Kununurra Museum YouTube Channel.