3,000,000 KHS Image Views

Post date: Jul 09, 2019 3:43:18 PM

Latest Online Collections - 3,000,000 Views (June 2019)

 The Kununurra Historical Society (KHS) collections on Flickr have now had more than 3,000,000 image views (passed in June 2019) - So half a million views since the 2.5 millionth view in March 2018 and the 2,000,000th view in December 2016, which equates to an average of more than 30,000 views each month or a thousand a day.  These images could have remained in the KHS archive and seen by very few, so by digitising and documenting these KHS collections KHS is making them accessible to all from anywhere around the world.

<< Slideshow Not working? (blank box to left) Check Security 'Padlock' icon to 'Allow' use of 'Adobe Flash' (Allow or set to 'Ask'?) to make viewer here work or try different browser (No security risk in these slideshows guaranteed! :^).  If you have trouble viewing from here you can access this collection from KHS Archive Collections on Flickr - Calder Family 35mm Slide Collection.

 All of the KHS collections, including this latest collection are also discoverable on the National Library of Australia's wonderful Trove Search Engine as part of the "Trove - Australia in Pictures" 'Group' on Flickr (where we make photo collections accessible to all :^) Try searching Kununurra on Trove (Pictures) from https://trove.nla.gov.au/picture/result? (Pictures by Creator "Kununurra Museum" :^).

online in June 2019 - 1963 to 1969 (all now uploaded :^)  This new collection takes the total number of KHS archival images online to over 2,990 KHS archival images on Flickr. 

Once this slideshow is playing - Use the 4 arrow gadget in lower right corner to show on this page as a "Full Screen" Slideshow as well there is a very useful feature that you can use to "Show Info" (or not) for a detailed information overlay on each image. All KHS images on Flickr are fully documented with detailed information available on all images.