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 I have created two galleries on the KHS Flickr site as I started to find many images of the Swim Beach tree, I decided to make a gallery of that and another on any Thomson Springs photographs I hope to find. Go to 1st Photograph (KHS - Swim Beach Tree Gallery)

The Swim Beach Tree - Kununurra - A gallery curated by Kununurra Historical Society (on Flickr)… | 18 photos

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 Images of the Swim Beach Tree, with some of the wide views including the Ord River Diversion Dam (constructed 1960-1963), built over it's anchor, a quartzite rock bar, called 'Tharram' (local Aboriginal name) for the Bandicoot Bar, that was a natural dam holding back the permanent waters of 'Thethebeleng' or the 'Carlton Reach' waterhole, reputedly the biggest waterhole in the Kimberley, before the dam was built, but now called Lake Kununurra. The Carlton Reach waterhole stretched all the way to the head of the 'Sleeping Buddha' or what should be called 'Carlton Ridge', all close to the town of Kununurra and the Ord River Irrigation Area, East Kimberley Region of Western Australia.

 When the dam first filled and the tree was inundated by the new lake level in 1963, locals had bets on as to how long the tree would last, almost fifty five years later the tree is still there. These are all photographs of the tree by other people that I have stumbled on in Flickr.

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Swim Beach Tree "Now (2010) & Then" (1966) Set of photographs on Flickr from...

River Play

by Michaeljlove

Kununurra Museum says: This was chosen for the Swim Beach tree in action. Lake Kununurra. This photo was taken or uploaded on May 3, 2010

Orange Overhead

by Michaeljlove

Kununurra… says: the sun sets over the Swim Beach tree. This photo was taken or uploaded on May 4, 2010

Kununurra, Australia (C) 2008


Kununurra… says: A great image of the Swim Beach Tree noticing how some branches have dropped off since the first couple of images above. This photo was taken on August 25, 2008

Kununurra, Australia (C) 2008


Kununurra… says: Swim Beach Tree in monochrome. Nice! This photo was taken on August 25, 2008

Nearly Enough

by Michaeljlove

Kununurra… says: Great colours and more action with the Swim Beach Tree silhouetted. This was taken or uploaded on May 4th 2010.

Silhouetted Swimmers

by Michaeljlove

Kununurra… says: A glorious shot - Was hard to find the Swim Beach Tree but there it is! This was taken on May 4th 2010.

Lake Argyle

by maasha

Kununurra… says: Another great sunset at the Swim Beach Tree! This was taken in 2009.

Lake Kununurra

by DawnHindle

Kununurra… says: Swim Beach Tree this time taken in 2006, thanks to Dawn!

lake kununurra

by zoltan__v

Kununurra… says: Another great action photo found tonight - was taken on September 9, 2007, Nice one of the Swim Beach Tree Zoltan!

lake kununurra日落

by candysarea

Kununurra… says: Lovely photo of a Swim Beach Tree sunset was taken on March 11, 2008, Nice one candysarea. Note the lower level of the lake compared to photo above.

Ord River - Kununurra

by Sandi1947

Kununurra… says: This gives a 1994 view of the tree from a different angle, taking in more of the Ord River Diversion Dam than any of the other images so far selected. [AB 2 VI 2013]


by Norwestaus

Kununurra… says: Wonderful view of the Swim Beach Tree here in 2013, from Peter, with a bushfire lighting up the ranges and the Ord River Diversion dam all lit up with artificial lighting. [AB - 24 VIII 2013]

Río Halls Creek

by hastaelfindelmundo85

Kununurra… says: Yet another found tonight - The Swim Beach Tree with a storm and passing rain, taken on December 4th 2008. Nice Work. [AB 22 X 2013]

Kununurra Diversion Dam

by Grahham

Kununurra… says: Found this in 2015, yet another wonderful wide view of the Swim Beach Tree that includes the Ord River Diversion Dam. [AB for KHS 3 V 2016]


by AUSTRALIE - Le Guide des…

Kununurra… says: I came across this 2010 action view of the Swim Beach Tree tonight, which is eminently worthy of being included in this Kununurra Museum Gallery of other people's photographs of the tree that we find on Flickr. Thanks to all photographers shown here. [AB for KHS 3 V 2016]

Another one from the Ord River...

by The West Australian Photos

Kununurra… says: Taken on January 29, 2013, yet another interesting view of the Swim Beach Tree for this Kununurra Museum gallery of other people's photographs.

162 Kununurra

by bruno.man69

Kununurra… says: Taken in 2015, this photo gives another unique nocturne view.

161 Kununurra

by bruno.man69

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