Almost Free Flickr for Non Profits

Attention ALL Non Profit Organisations

(Almost) FREE Flickr Multi User Pro A/C's

[This Page is Now OBSOLETE as Flickr now has FREE Accounts for ALL with 2TB of Space]

On the Flickr main page (January 31st 2011) was an add from Flickr offering a FREE Flickr "Pro" Account for Non Profit Organisations, such as KHS, having "Deductible Gift Recipient" (DGR) status with the ATO.

KHS had just paid for a US$47.95 two year membership as this offer was unknown, but maybe your organisation can benefit.

[KHS Update November 2012 - KHS took up the five free Flickr Pro A/C offer last month and have managed to extend our current Pro A/C for another year until December 2013.]

Normally all free Flickr accounts are limited to a maximum 300MB/month and a maximum of 200 images. The Flickr "Pro" A/C's are for unlimited MB/month and unlimited image numbers, as well as other benefits.

Details of this from which reveals a company called "DonorTec," who handle all Australian Registrations for the Flickr program BUT also handle various Vendor Tech Donations for about a 4% (of normal value?) Admin. Fee. ANY organisation with Non Profit status with the ATO and meets the requirements can BENEFIT. They will need to sign up with DonorTec to partake in this offer.

Read more details of the scheme at [KHS Update November 2012 - Updated dead link]

DonorTec (Australia) are offering ( [KHS Update November 2012 - Updated dead link]

The Flickr photo sharing service has teamed up with DonorTec to offer premium "pro" accounts to individuals within eligible organisations. The pro accounts are available in packages of either two or five accounts. Organisations must assign these accounts to individuals over 18 years of age, and the accounts will remain assigned to those individuals even if they leave the organisation.

Five 1-Year Flickr Pro Accounts for an Admin Fee of: Au$12.00 [KHS Update November 2012 - Now AU$ 15.00 (+GST)]


Two 1-Year Flickr Pro Accounts for an Admin Fee of: Au$7.00 [KHS Update November 2012 - Now AU$ 6.00 (+GST)]

For details on eligibility requirements, see the Flickr donation program eligibility criteria.

On February 2nd [2010?] Flickr has also made an announcement that recognizes Non Profit Organizations, which had previously been recognized only as "individual" accounts.