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Thanks for sharing in our part of North Australian and Kimberley History and joining KHS on behalf of, past, present and future people of the East Kimberley Region, to show the Local, State and National Significance of the Histories of ; Tropical Agriculture on the Ord River ; Kununurra ; the Ord River Irrigation Area (ORIA) ; Kimberley history in general ; and related Northern Territory history, with Kununurra's close proximity to the WA/NT border and the East Kimberley's ties to the history of the NT.

"Wirraway-Challenge" Day
Every March 20th is "Wirraway-Challenge" Day at the Kununurra Museum

1942-03-20_Force-landed_RAAF_12_Squadron_Wirraway_A20-62_WA-NT_border_coastal_saltmarsh_KHS Archive No. KHS-2005-8-A-L-P-H-WC1-D_019  They were out over the Timor sea, in the Joseph Bonaparte Gulf, when their engine suddenly lost power and oil spread out over the windscreen, which Lew found was hot on his face, when he opened the canopy to clean the windscreen. Carmody was able to take control with the twinned rear training controls of the Wirraway, while Lew cleared the oil from his face, having already headed the aircraft to port, south, towards Australia! It was still around 20 km to land, but with their altitude, the stricken plane managed the distance to the coastline. They glided in over one of the widest stretches of saltmarsh, where it is about 40 km from sea to bush, with a dead flat saltmarsh between.
Wirraway means Challenge - Read more and see listings of the eight Wirraway-Challenge digital videos.

75 Years of Ord - Tropical Agriculture

Over 1.75 Million Views in Feb. 2016

The KHS photographs on the Flickr site, have now had over 1,760,057 image views (Now over 1.75 Million). A good increase of 70,789 views in the past two months. Views peaked on January 28th7,006 views on that day.

KHS – Ord History Photographs

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 On March 31st 1941 Kimberley Michael Durack (KMD) published a thoroughly researched document, 'Developing the North - A Proposed Research Station for the Kimberleys,' and by the end of 1941 his proposal had become a reality.

 In 2014 it was realised that we did not have this document of great significance to Ord River Irrigation history, in the KHS archive, so in February 2015 the document was photographed at the Battye Library, then back in Kununurra each page was transcribed by KHS volunteers. Since then the transcriptions and 'Proposed Research Station' page images have been compiled into a new electronic document format, which we are placing online to make this accessible to all.

 It is fascinating to realise that Kim Durack was just 24 years old when he wrote this proposal, researched and written with great skill. We hope you enjoy reading...

Download KHS archive number KHS-2015-1-H-BD - 'Developing the North - Proposed Research Station for the Kimberleys' (5.6 MB) written by KM Durack and published 75 years ago on March 31st 1941 (in 2016).

KHS hopes you enjoy and we would appreciate any feedback you may have.

[As this PDF is hyperlinked it is best viewed by saving to your hard drive and viewing in Adobe Acrobat Reader and not in web based viewers as hyperlinking may not work correctly. - Below - Crop from cover of the KHS transcribed document - Click image to download this document of historical significance, to mark 75 years of Ord Irrigation history in 2016, made accessible to all by KHS in August 2015.]

 In 1886 the town of Wyndham came into existence and the rush was setting in for 'Kimberley' (Halls Creek) goldfields, with ships arriving the tent city of Wyndham soon turned into a town.  Visit Halls Creek and Wyndham in 2016 and make sure you go to the old Courthouse in the Port to the Wyndham Museum and experience the history there too mark 130 years.

 In November and December 1941 KM Durack's proposal was becoming a reality as land was cleared and the Petters 36HP engine was being installed, heralding the first experiments focusing on fodder crops to aid the pastoral industry that would continue and expand until 1945.
 The Carlton Reach Research station site was decommissioned and relocated to a new site on the east bank of the Ord down-river from Ivanhoe Crossing, where there were more representative soils, including blacksoil, and a good reach of water, on the site which Kim Durack had selected some years before, at Dillon's Bottle Tree. In May and June 1946 the first land was being prepared to start the Kimberley Research Station, as a Commonwealth (CSIR) and WA Department of Agriculture joint facility, marking the Commonwealth's first involvement that would lead to the national development of the Ord River Project.
"Dillon's Bottle tree" is a named Boab tree (Adansonia gregorii), most likely named after (for/by?) James Dillon, one time manager of Ivanhoe station (1899). See the KHS Dillon's Bottle Tree Set on Flickr from the embedded slideshow here (Once playing, click on the four cornered gadget in the lower right hand side to go full screen and for further information on each image).

 Amazingly in 2016 our 'new' purpose-built archive and museum facility, today known as the Kununurra Museum, will have been in operation for fifteen years. This amounts to half of the existence of the Kununurra Historical Society, having been inaugurated on June 5th 1986, we will be commemorating 30 years as a society.

Kim Durack's Pump Engine is Now at the Kununurra Museum

 Since locating and researching the provenance of the 36HP "Petters Atomic Diesel Engine," KHS member volunteers have worked at trying to make the engine more accessible (to all! :-), for display at the Kununurra Museum, to help show the local, State and National significance of tropical agriculture on the Ord and in the Kimberley Region.

The engine first used for irrigation from the Ord River in 1941 is now in the Kununurra Museum grounds.
2012-10-24 - Petters - Carlton Reach Pump Engine at Kununurra Museum
The Petters 36 HP - Carlton Reach Pump Engine in place at the Kununurra Museum on October 24th 2013 KHS Archive Number - KHS-2013-124-P-BD - Note that the original river loam is still embedded in the fly-wheel and outer belt pulley wheel, left there when the engine was removed from the Ord River east bank at KRS, by Murray Shiner and one of his excavators, some years ago. A request was made when moving the engine this year, to leave this in place and amazingly this soil has remained in place throughout the various movements to get to the museum grounds.

[It was the intention to leave this dirt in place, to help tell this story, however, this may need to now be removed to prevent further rusting.If so at least here, that story is remembered, with photographic evidence. - AB 23 X 2013. This was removed.]

Read more on the KHS News Page.
[For detailed information go to the KHS Carlton Reach Pump Engine RESEARCH page.]

Kununurra Historical Society - Christmas Montage - Merry Christmas-2015-New_Year-2016
 [For detailed information about the images in the montage above download this... 2015-12-25 - KHS Christmas 2015 -New Year 2016 History Montage Card.pdf, which describes the images.]

Having a Wet Season Christmas - Slideshow

Hope you enjoy the slideshow - Use the four-cornered gadget to lower right of screen (below) to see Full Screen - Use 'Show Info' for detailed image information.

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Recent announcements

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  • 75 Years of Ord Irrigation Download - Proposed Research Station for the Kimberleys by KM Durack (1941) On March 31st 1941 Kimberley Michael Durack (KMD) published a document which would lead to the instigation of an ...
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  • Pearl Ogden Talk Memories of Stuart Skoglund A talk will be g iven at the Kununurra Museum by Pearl Ogden on Wednesday, July 8th 2015 at 7.00pm The talk will be on ...
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  • Digital Repatriation of Kimberley Records & 2015 AGM 2015 - Digital Repatriation of Kimberley History Resources 2014 was a very productive year for Kununurra Historical Society's volunteer members who are active in the archive area, with a record ...
    Posted 12 Apr 2015, 05:10 by Kununurra Museum
  • 2014 Annual General Meeting KHS AGM - Tuesday March 4th 7pm The AGM for the Kununurra Historical Society has been set down for Tuesday, March 4th, 2014 at 7pm and will be held at the ...
    Posted 1 Apr 2014, 03:19 by Kununurra Museum
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View the KHS Constitution

You can now see the current KHS Constitution here on the website or as downloadable PDFs from there.

The Official Opening of Ord Stage I and the Ord River Diversion Dam took place at a Ceremony on July 20th 1963 - On that date in 2013 (this week), Engineering Heritage WA along with support from the Water Corporation of Western Australia, will unveil a new interpretive panel at the Kununurra Swim Beach, about the Ord River Diversion Dam, with some images and the history supplied by KHS. This will incorporate a lunch for invited guests and a tour of inspection over the Ord River Diversion Dam, which is normally closed to pedestrians. Later in the day from 2pm the Kununurra Museum will be open for the visiting pioneer engineers, VIPs and guests.

Do you know who officially opened Ord Stage I and the Ord River Diversion Dam? In 2013 it was 50 years since July 20th 1963, when the official opening of Stage I of the Ord River Irrigation Project, by then Prime Minister, Sir Robert Menzies. On that day, Menzies described Kununurra and the Ord as "the most exciting place in Australia". Photographs of the opening ceremony event and tours Menzies made of the Pilot Farm and a cotton harvesting demonstration can be seen in the slideshow.

View an embedded SlideShow of photographs of the July 20th 1963 Diversion Dam opening, from various KHS archive collections, here while on this page.

[Use the right hand cornered gadget to go full screen.- and view "Information" (once in full screen mode) for documentation on the photographs. Use the the right hand cornered gadget or your "Escape" key to go out of full screen mode.]

OR View the Ord River Diversion Dam Official Opening photographic "Set" on Flickr. (Link goes to the set on Flickr in a new tab)

An Honorary Life Member of the Kununurra Historical Society passed away on Christmas eve 2013. To celebrate the life of William Arthur Champness Wright, we hope you enjoy here a slideshow of Bill's 35mm slide collection. KHS was also fortunate enough to have recorded an oral history and had some great interaction with Bill, especially during the last two or three years. The Oral History and this slide collection are in the same archive - KHS-2011-46-P-A-OH-BD - Bill Wright Oral History and 35mm Slide Collection. [P=Photographic, A=Audio, OH=Oral History, BD=Born Digital]

[Use the four cornered gadget at lower right to go fullscreen. Once in fullscreen mode use "Show Info" at top right for detailed information on each slide.]

[July 14th 2013 Note]

 Congratulations go out to Darrell Lewis, who has been visiting Kununurra this past week, attending several Kununurra Museum functions, a few days after he had been present in Darwin to receive the NT Chief Minister's - History Book Award, as equal winner, for his book, "A Wild History - Life and Death on the Victoria River Frontier."  This is a fascinating, well written and referenced, easy read for the general public, being an early history (to circa 1910) of the entire Victoria River district, from Katherine to the East Kimberley WA/NT border regions.

  Down the Duncan Road and out to the southern side of the Buchanan Highway to beyond Birrindudu. There on the edge of desert country, on the northern slopes of the Browns Range, lies a belt of about 280 "big, old" boab trees, cut off by great distance from the nearest of all other Kimberley boab trees, and close to where the Leichhardt name-plate is said to have been found over a century ago.

 The name-plate, with the words "Ludwig Leichhardt 1848," was found on a burnt gun in the hollow of a "bottle-tree," (boab) reputedly with an "L" inscribed on the tree. The gun to which the brass nameplate (145mm wide x 20mm high x 2mm thick) had been attached, was left at the tree, was supposedly found by stockman, Charlie Harding's Aboriginal assistant, "Jackie." Little is known of this pair's Kimberley movements, who may have gone out prospecting from Hall's Creek towards the Gardiner Range and near the Sturt Creek WA/NT border region, Despite intensive search by helicopter and quad bike, by Darrell and others in 2007 and 2008 respectively, a boab with an "L" inscribed, nor the gun remains (which would have been an early muzzle-loader), have yet been located. [KHS President - 14 VII 2013]

The Leichhardt nameplate is on display at the National Museum of Australia (NMA), where more information can be found. The image below of the nameplate is from the NMA s web page for the object listing - NMA Collection Object Listing - Leichhardt Nameplate [This link will open in a new tab to keep this page open]

The Leichhardt (gun) brass nameplate - stamped text reads "LUDWIG.LEICHHARDT 1848""

  Where is Dr. Leichhardt - The Greatest Mystery in Australian History

A new book by Darrell Lewis.

Could the famous lost explorer have made it past the Kimberley? Read more about a new book launch on Thursday May 16th at the National Museum of Australia from the KHS News page.

Thanks to Museums Australia (the peak body for Museums in Australia), the KHS President was successful in applying for a bursary, to help cover costs associated with  travel between May 15th and 23rd, to attend the Museums Australia Conference in Canberra, which has a great range of topics relevant to a regional museum (See full conference program from KHS News).

Carlton Reach Pump Engine Donated to KHS

The Department of Agriculture and Food WA - Frank Wise Institute (of Tropical Agriculture - formerly Kimberley Research Station - KRS), have donated the original Carlton Reach Pump Engine, a 36HP "Petters Atomic Diesel Engine," to the Kununurra Historical Society. KHS member volunteers hope to install the engine by the Kununurra Museum entrance gate. Read more in KHS News - Carlton Reach Petters Engine Donated to Kununurra Museum and on the Carlton Reach Pump Engine page.

On March 17th 2013 - Saint Patrick's Day, to commemorate the day 50 years ago that the Royal Tour landed at Kununurra, KHS held an Open Day (10am to 4pm), but if you didn't join us at the Museum, you can still be a part of it. The Kununurra Museum has now made accessible to all!, three 8mm films, shot by three photographers (Henskens, O'Brien and Revell), edited into a Digital Video (in 2 parts) as our first YouTube videos, to the NEW  Kununurra Museum YouTube Channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/KununurraMuseum

You can also see some research on the RAAF Convair aircraft A96-353, that carried the Royal Tour party to Kununurra, from the KHS Research page.

Hoping you enjoy this visit to the gateway for the Kununurra Museum's online presence. If you are in the East Kimberley visit the KHS Archive, Gallery, Library, Museum & Research facilities in Coolibah Drive - Contact KHS or Join KHS Now!. Please remember we are a completely volunteer run community museum and at times may not be open for advertised hours, however we are flexible in that we can be contacted to open outside advertised hours.

    • It is easy to navigate the site using the Short Contents (Links on this Page :), and the Heading links to get there fast! eg. click the "Did You Know..." title link below.

1963 Royal Tour

Did you know that Kununurra was a stop on the Royal Tour of 1963? In 2013 it will be 50 years since March 17th 1963, the day the Royal Tour landed, reputedly, the first (and only?) time, that the Queen has landed on an unsealed,(gravel - "dirt strip") runway. Do any royal watchers know if this is true? If so please contact us.

 Some new images of a control tower, which was erected for the 1963 Royal Tour, then dismantled. It was made of scaffolding, but no doubt equipped with the latest technology available in 1963. These photographs and others in the collections also show two RAAF fire tenders, which were reputed to have been flown to Kununurra on RAAF transport aircraft, then flown away. The newly made accessible images of the control tower were from a 2007 accession to the archive, being part of a collection sent by the Civil Aviation Historical Society (WA). Other images from this collection are now being placed online.

It would be great to see if there are any photographs of the Royal Yacht, Brittania, alongside the Broome jetty, or any others you may have of the Royal Tour to the Kimberley in 1963. Please contact us if you do and tell us your story on this or any other Kimberley history. 

To commemorate this 50th anniversary of the 1963 Royal Tour, other collection images not yet online, will be uploaded and made accessible to all. KHS is also hoping to have ready, some 8mm film footage of the Royal Tour, available as our first YouTube video, before March 17th 2013. [This did happen on the eve of and just in time for that anniversary]

Embed gadget

View an embedded SlideShow of still images from the KHS Flickr site of the Royal Tour in Kununurra, from various KHS archive collections, here while on this page, use the right hand cornered gadget to go full screen.

OR View the Royal Tour 1963 photographic "Set" on Flickr, (Link goes to the set on Flickr in a new tab),

It is easy to navigate the site using the Short Contents (Links on this Page :), and the Heading links to get there fast! eg. click the "Welcome..." title link above.

About the Header Photograph

[The full version of the cropped photograph above is available from 1962-08-ca - Ord River Diversion Dam crossing the river - KHS-2011-31-379-3.17-P2-D (Link goes to that image on Flickr in a new Tab) - You can most likely only see the first ten, gateways of the Ord River Diversion Dam gateways above, but if you scroll across to the right you can see all 20 of the gateways, under construction during 1962 (50 years ago in 2012). The image comes from the KHS - Kevin Richards Collection. Kevin was an entomologist for the WA Department of Agriculture, based at the Kimberley Research Station in the Ord River Irrigation Area.

 The Kununurra Historical Society was inaugurated on June 5th 1986, as an archive for regional history, which, with your volunteered help and your histories, can continue to be an archive and museum, for interpreting the Ord's development though this history, which is of Regional, State and National "Significance," for present and future visitors and communities in Kununurra.

Latest Info at KHS News

Visit KHS Museum

 If you are in Kununurra - Visit the KHS Archive, Library, Museum & Research Facility on Coolibah Drive - Come in for a visual feast of some of the town's short, but incredibly interesting, history, which KHS has been collecting and documenting during the past 27 years, to preserve for our community and for future generations. In the mean time ENJOY! our history site. - Sharing Your Histories!

Search ALL on the KHS Site

To search the entire site, use the search box at the top of the page, which by default will search the site.

 KHS is seeking past and present Kununurra residents to participate in a project to celebrate the 50th anniversary year of the town by calling on all businesses, Government Departments, Organisations, Clubs, Associations, and especially people to supply and share a history of their Kununurra involvements. - See Your Kununurra History.

See over 2500 photographs that have been digitised and documented by dedicated KHS volunteers.

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KHS would like to share some of the great new images that people have been sharing with KHS to make this ACCESSIBLE to You! You too can share your images in two of the new Public Group Photo Pools that KHS has started on Flickr.
"Have You Lived in Kununurra?"


Have You Lived in the Kimberley?

Kimberley Images and Histories

Have You Lived in the Kimberley?
Boab near the WA/NT Border in morning twilight, far north-east Kimberley coast by KHS
Have You Ever Lived in the Kimberley Region of Western Australia? In towns like Broome, Derby, Fitzroy Crossing, Halls Creek, Wyndham or Kununurra, any of the many Aboriginal communities, or on pastoral stations, mines or resorts and other islands or places?

Then you have an experience that is impossible to fully describe!

People have already submitted some great images to both of these Group Photographic Pools - Click the link (below) or the Boab to get there!

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Hope you enjoy these KHS experiments in "Accessibility" to KHS archival material.

Gazetting of Kununurra 1961

From the Goverment Gazette February 10th 1961

February 10th 1961 - Township of Kununurra

Town of Kununurra Declaration February 10th 1961

This image has been published with the permission of the State of Western Australia, with great thanks from KHS to the Treasurer; Attorney General the Hon Christian Porter MLA.

[Also see below for an extract from the Government Gazette]

Department of Lands and Surveys – Files – General, ‘Kununurra. Shire of Wyndham-East Kimberley.’

(WAS 211, cons. 4489, SROWA)

This image was provided to KHS by the State Records Office of Western Australia, www.sro.wa.gov.au

KHS Archive No. KHS-2011-13-WA-SRO-Collection-WA-SRO-cons4489_1959_2811_2

Kununurra Townsite Proclamation

Kununurra Townsite Proclamation [Signed by Minister for Lands Stewart Bovelle]

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The "CountDowns" that are in the side bar are all related to either current events for KHS or any Historic Events, to keep the Kimberley History Community informed of approaching anniversaries. If you know of a date for ANY Kimberley history event you can submit that for inclusion. - Contact KHS.

Significance (Definition)

- "Significance refers to the value and meanings that items and collections have for people and communities. Significance helps unlock the potential of collections, creating opportunities for communities to access and enjoy collections, and to understand the history, cultures and environments of Australia". From Significance 2.0 a guide to assessing the significance of collections, by Roslyn Russell and Kylie Winkworth for the Collections Council of Australia Ltd. (Now axed - This may still be available online as a PDF - Search title).

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      80. 13.1.80 Wyndham Airport
      81. 13.1.81 Wyndham Hotel
      82. 13.1.82 Wyndham Six Mile Hotel

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Wyndham Six Mile Hotel

Wyndham Six Mile Hotel