Welcome to the Kununurra Museum's Social Networking Page

  The Kununurra Museum's web presence had included using Facebook for some time but it was really just seen as one of those things you must do to be 'out there'.

 In our quest to make #KimberleyHistory accessible to all, wherever you may be on our planet, we first started using social media in 2010-2011 via the Flickr (online photo archiving and sharing platform) because we got involved in an ABC Open Project, "Now and Then," which involved taking a photograph of a place but holding a photograph of the same scene, and to get involved we had to join Flickr then upload to the ABC's Group Pool. 

 Only just started using Twitter in February (now March 4th 2017), and have been amazed, by following ; Galleries ; Archives ; Libraries and Museums (known "in the trade" as the GLAM Sector :^) from all over and above the planet, what a fantastic door into newly digitised archives, collection being highlighted, in momentary (or long lasting), spurts of information. 

What is Twitter all about anyway?

A Pseudo-Tweet from the past created by Tim Sherratt's (@Wragge on Twitter) classic and cool Hansard History App - See our post about it from link.
 For those who like me before February had really no idea about what Twitter was, put simply, Messages with Text and shared photographs, videos, and links to incredible things, if you follow who I follow (on Twitter :^) BUT and here is the crux of Twitter! Everybody, even Donald Trump @POTUS (on Twitter - POTUS = President of etc) has a MAXIMUM allowed 140 characters to get your point across. (That is 140 characters not words! :^)

Why Follow the "GLAM" Sector? [#GlamSector ?]

 By following the 'GLAM' sector from all over the world (only in the past few weeks for 1st time!), suddenly feeds from these 'followed' GLAMs starts appearing, such as announcements of newly digitised archives, exhibitions, 'on this day' and quirky, cool things like #MineralMondays, when museums post pics of minerals from their collections, or for anybody when they go to a Museum - Tag any pics you take #MuseumSelfie (In January they had #MuseumSelfieDay which was why KHS joined Twitter - to participate :^). 

 The '#' (hash sign - number symbol or 'hashtag') character, is used to 'Tag',  which means to add keywords. One can use these hashtags to gather relevant material like some I use, #KimberleyHistory #PilbaraHistory #OrdVictoriaHistory  and I would like to encourage people to use these whenever you find any #KimberleyHistory online.

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