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1961 Kununurra Townsite Proclamation

This image has been published with the permission of the State of Western Australia, with great thanks from KHS to the Treasurer; Attorney General the Hon Christian Porter MLA.

[Also see below for an extract from the Government Gazette]

Department of Lands and Surveys – Files – General, ‘Kununurra. Shire of Wyndham-East Kimberley.’

(WAS 211, cons. 4489, SROWA)

This image was provided to KHS by the State Records Office of Western Australia,

KHS Archive No. KHS-2011-13-WA-SRO-Collection-WA-SRO-cons4489_1959_2811_2

Kununurra Townsite Proclamation

Kununurra Townsite Proclamation [Signed by Minister for Lands Stewart Bovelle]

KHS News - 50th Anniversary

To celebrate 50 years since the Gazetting of the Town of Kununurra on February 10th 1961 - A ceremony and events happened at 4pm on February 10th 2011 on the lawn area in front of the former PWD Hostel & Club (Country Club Resort). People Called into the museum before the event or dropped in after and a successful evening saw about 50 people come in that evening. Read the KHS News Article about this from - Kununurra Townsite Proclamation (KHS News)

The organisers had moved the event from the civic area of town to be closer to the Museum, as we had planned to be open for people to view "A Photographic Journey on the Ord" - To see the results so far of the KHS digitisation program.

Just below this text you can download the actual WA Government Gazette of February 10th 1961 as a PDF document.

Extract from Page 399 of the WA Government Gazette of February 10th 1961.


Department of Lands and Surveys,
Perth, 10th February, 1961.
Corres. No. 2811/59.

HIS Excellency the Governor in Executive Council has been pleased to approve, under section 10 of the Land Act, 1933-1960, of the area described in the schedule hereto being defined and set apart as "Town and Suburban Lands"; and of such lands being hereafter known and distinguished as "Kununurra" Townsite.


All that portion of land bounded by lines starting from the intersection of the surveyed north-eastern side of the Wyndham-Nicholson Road with the eastern side of a six chain main irrigation channel passing along the eastern boundaries of King Location 229 and extending 17 degrees 43 minutes 7 chains 1 and eight tenths links, 18 degrees 34 minutes 30 chains 66 and one tenth links, 8 degrees 5 minutes 36 chains 28 links, 335 degrees 24 minutes
38 chains 28 links along that channel; thence east 327 chains 50 links; thence south to a point situate 2 chains 50 links northerly of the centre line of the Wyndham-Nicholson Road aforesaid; thence westnorth-westerly parallel to and 2 chains 50 links from that centre line to the intersection of the prolongation south-easterly of the surveyed northeastern
side of that road; thence 328 degrees 53 minutes about 95 chains, 328 degrees 33 minutes 108 chains 63 and two tenths links, 338 degrees 14 minutes 9 chains 83 and nine tenths links, 344 degrees 54 minutes 43 chains 23 and six tenths links to and along that side to the starting point. (Public Plan 142/300.)

Under Secretary for Lands.

The State Law Publisher has reproduced the gazettes on line, and you will find the townsite notice here (just search the pdf for Kununurra). This is a PDF Document - Right Click and Download (1.8MB) or View.