Your Benefits as a Member of the Kununurra Historical Society Inc.

 As a financial member of the Kununurra Historical Society, and thanks to grants weapplied for and were granted by our partners in some new and "revolutionarily connected" resources that they provide KHS as a Non-Profit organisation.  

 We wish to show in an "ambassadorial manner," for all Australian Non-Profit organisations, who could have Domain eMail - Hosting and provision, Website hosting and a website edit service platform, second to none today, for simply and easily creating entire websites for your organisations that will translate to any device (like this site - Try it on your Tablet, or "yr iPxx?"  :^) 

 OK so you came to see the benefits that you receive as standard, and what is optionally available to ALL who join KHS.  But maybe you have a Non Profit organisation as well?  Read more later at Info for Non Profits page, but read on here first... 

The Full Benefits List - That YOU are eligible for as a KHS Member

 When you join as a KHS member you there will be an organisational member's email address for your type of membership that will be automatically set up and available for you to activate, (if you want or not? But why not as it will give you so much more!  :^) 

FREE email address...

Would you like to end and receive emails in a separate account, which must be a gMail account, to control and connect further services after you activate your new member email, like You.YourSurname@kununurra,org,au - If you already have a Google ID? That will make it even easier, so to switch from your normal gMail a/C just click on your round Google ID account favicon - Select the address and you can even have both open in tabs.

FREE eMail account with 30 GB of storage per member

 By activating the organisational email address (mentioned above), which you will be sent (soon after you fill in the form to  Join KHS Now!  

Once you have paid your required membership type cost, the email activation will happen after confirmation has been provided to me by the KHS Treasurer of the transfer to our BSB and A/C of the membership fees applicable.  If you do not receive anything at all after 48 hours please contact us by phone to discuss or email us.

Full & FREE KHS Google "Workspace

The Key to your Apps & email A/C (& how we control the domain! Thanks "Google for Non Profits" - as "WorkSpaces" gives us full control over ever aspect of our domain with free email & web hosting  and domain control - In an easily configured but incredibly powerful and SECURE environment.

Fully secured Account (2 steps forward :^)  against cyber-attack FREE

Fully secured email and domain control, with high cyber-threat protection, with enforced "2 Step" authentication as a standard requirement for all future logins to our domain (once again thanks to our very experienced and generous partners who even help Aussie NFTs no not NFTs - NFPs - "Not for Profit(s)"! :^) 

"Workspaces" - The "Integration of Google Services App" (my definition AB :^)

This is the "Wonder App" (for me anyway :^)

You (as a KHS Member) get FREE (for life) what Businesses pay for!

 This prime benefit App is a Google Product that (I could define as our "Integration of Google Services APP" :^)  that costs businesses dollars and dollars on a monthly basis, but we can provide YOU as a KHS Member, totally FREE for the entire life of your membership (or until you go where we all must go - whichever is the shorter ;^)  

FREE Apps (We set up and include on a domain wide basis)

Connected into YOUR KHS "Workspace"

It is this, Google "Workspace" that we were granted by our Google for Non Profits as our partner organisation, about a year ago, but has only been in full use since April 2023.  "Workspaces" is the key then for all of the additional services (that I, as the Super Admin for the top level of our domain - ALL and ANY prefix before :^) can be set up and allowed or disallowed for various types of accounts.   In the past week I have installed, allowed permissions - organisation-wide, that will allow all future KHS Members to receive all and any of the services that you will see (after you login :^) - Where - All available in the "9 Dots" icon to the LHS (Left Hand Side :^) of your round Google ID favicon.  Try it in any GMail page now - click on the 9 dots next to your ID icon - Some of the services there will be available to you, full and free, with any space used by any app you activate counting in your 30 GB of FREE Space and you are allowed to activate any you can see in YOUR "9 Dots" - These may not be the same from account type to account type.   You may have more available as a "Life Member" or as a "Corporate Member" than as an annual ordinary member, for example.

Apps - EGs Included with your KHS Membership A/C

Apps you may well be familiar with, available in your KHS Workspace, includes, "Drive" "Photos"  "Groups" "Forms" "Slides" "Google Earth" and the list goes on, but you get the idea? 

Is there anything else included free? (YES! :^)

"Friends" of KHS (& Kununurra Museum :^)

 Welcome, as a KHS Member you gain automatic inclusion in our private group for Members & Friends of KHS, along with past "Visitors of Note" to the Kununurra Museum, who will be invited, as well as the families of, and/or past Donors to the KHS Archive (of their records, photographs or objects).  Researchers of Kimberley history, who have made contact in the past ten years of keeping accurate records will also be invited, with Authors and Researchers known to KHS, and anyone with a passion for, or even a very slight interest in Ord-Victoria and Kimberley history.  (Please feel free to UNSUBSCRIBE at the bottom of every group Post! :^)  

 The hope is that this will become a place for the discussion of these fascinating and compelling  histories, pertaining to the region, as well as for being  a repository to collect and administer further and any future digital archives.

Finally this new group has a Wiki section, where we can all contribute (or not :^) to create our own Ord-Victoria - Kimberley History portal, with information and photographs, as we see fit, to make publicly available as a future Kimberley History Ressource for ALL, accessible for anywhere on the planet (as well as you know where! - Hopefully we might be able to attract as a member, someone from the ISS, who can get a snap for us as they pass over LA! If you know what I mean!  :^)

OK - Enough - There WILL be more..

So Join KHS Now! or go to view our Membership Application Form.