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Collections from the KHS Digital Archive on Flickr

"Collections" on Flickr are used to sort and organise multiple "Albums" (previously called "Sets") into useful categories. These are the "Collections" that have been created by KHS to help make these images accessible to ALL!

KHS Archive Collections

"KHS Archive Collections" is a Flickr "Collection" containing various "Sets" as archival collections. The slideshows that have been "embedded" (from a different website) here on this page are in the old Flickr "Slideshow" format. Once the slideshow is playing - Use the 4 arrow gadget in lower right corner to go "Full Screen" as well there is a very useful feature that is not available on Flickr's new slideshow, that you can use to "Show Info" (or not) for a detailed information overlay on each image - selectively. Click on the descriptions to go to that image on Flickr.

About these Slideshows

Here on the KHS website I am using the original Flickr Slideshow platform (which is far better than the new backward-step taken by Yahoo new version slideshow that is in use on Flickr now), as this old version has a feature not in the new version - that is information available on each photo (click ‘Show Info’ once playing) as they move forward.

If these embedded slideshows do not work on your browser – try another browser or allow/activate Adobe Flash and all should work. Once the slideshow is playing - use the ‘Four Cornered Gadget’ in the bottom right hand side of the image (on mouseover) - to go fullscreen. It may please other Flickr users to know that the old slideshow platform still works when embedding on an external (from Flickr) website eg. Let me know if you want the code for embedding the old version slideshow or any tips to get there - Contact KHS by email  - AB for KHS 9 XII 2016

Dennis O'Brien Collections - 64 photos

Elizabeth Durack Collection - 98 photos

Evelyn Nelligan Byrnes Collection - 33 photos

Hambidge Collection - 26 photos

Kevin Richards Print Collection - 22 photos

KHS Camera Collection - 78 photos

Mr Derek Keane & Mr Roy Walker Collection - 226 photos

Marion Hansen Collection - 4 photos

Moonamang Joint Venture Collection - 20 photos

Ric Roberts OAM Collection - 71 photos

RA Hamilton - All Collections - 210 photos

RA Hamilton Series KHS-1998-8 - 185 photos

RA Hamilton Series KHS-1988-16 - 25 photos

Uffe B. Hansen Collection 65 photos

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9 sets


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