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KHS presented the Royal WA Historical Society 2016 (State) Merit Award

posted 9 Dec 2016, 09:46 by Kununurra Museum   [ updated 9 Dec 2016, 11:51 ]

State History Conference - Armadale WA
2016 RWAHS Merit Award to KHS

 At the Royal WA Historical Society (RWAHS) State History Conference during September, which the KHS President was able to attend for the first time and was greatly surprised that the Royal WA Historical Society (RWAHS) - State-wide Merit Award for 2016 was awarded to the Kununurra Historical Society. The KHS President was delighted to be able to accept the framed award for KHS and express our appreciation to those gathered at the conference. (Our congratulations and our apologies go to runner-up Societies this year, Toodyay and Kalgoorlie ;^)
An extract below from the RWAHS Newsletter, History West, in the October 2016 issue...

Congratulations to Kununurra Historical Society!

Kununurra is a remote and isolated location but this does not deter the Society. Despite, or as a result of this remoteness, the Society has made a push to develop its digital resources which have been uploaded onto a very informative website. The website includes a wealth of information about Kununurra, including photographs, local events and news. This year three volunteers recorded 3,330 hours on a variety of tasks, including digitisation of the collection, transcription activities and working on the archives. In dollar terms this work is worth some $116,550. The Museum, which in 2015 was open five days a week, increasing to seven days a week in 2016, attracts a large number of visitors. Over the past year 2,009 people have visited. This year Kununurra celebrates its 30th year in operation. Well done!

Thank you RWAHS!

According to the RWAHS 'History West' website 'Reports and Awards' page only a handful of societies have taken out the RWAHS Merit Award, as follows...

(RWAHS) Affiliated Societies Merit Awards

Carnamah Historical Society [2010?]
Esperance Historical Society [2011?]
Ravensthorpe Historical Society [2012?]
Eastern Goldfields Historical Society [2013?] 
Historical Society of Cockburn [2014?]
Irwin District Historical Society [2015?]

Unfortunately it does not have the year of each award on the RWAHS page [The years above in square brackets are educated guesses] - If KHS was awarded the 2016 award, then perhaps the RWAHS Merit Award only started in 2010?

(Kununurra Historical Society 2016 :^)
 Being as remote as we are (>3000 km from Perth by road) it would have been unlikely to attend without a bursary, which is greatly appreciated by KHS and we thank all involved from RWAHS , especially to Nick Drew, and all who assisted in organising the conference, the travel bursary and for the funding from LotteryWest to attend the conference.

Museums Australia WA (MAWA) State Conference

posted 9 Dec 2016, 09:43 by Kununurra Museum   [ updated 9 Dec 2016, 11:10 ]

Museums Are ******* Awesome!

 The engaging three day Museums Australia WA (MAWA) conference - Engaging Communities - New Times, New Strategies, 12-14 October 2016 was attended by the KHS President, with a full three day program of tours and interesting speakers, we were kept up to speed on what's happening at the cutting edge of other collecting institutions and museums in WA, as well as in the UK and the USA - from where we learned about "Museum Hack" tours at "the Met' " museum in New York and much other useful museum related information. The conference had much of interest on offer and was very useful for networking with other conference-goers in many and varied museum and other collecting institution situations, well worth attending.

 Being as remote as we are (>3000 km from Perth by road) it would have been unlikely to attend without these bursaries, which are greatly appreciated by KHS and we thank all involved from MAWA who assisted in organising the conference,  these travel bursaries and for the funding from LotteryWest to attend the MAWA conference. 

Wave Hill Spurs donation to Kununurra Museum

posted 8 Jun 2016, 22:16 by Kununurra Museum   [ updated 9 Jun 2016, 07:51 ]

A Talk & Presentation by 1940's Stockman, Donald Howard is to be given at the Kununurra Museum next Tuesday June 14th 2016 at 7pm. All welcome.

 An Ord-Victoria Rivers Region stockman who was at Wave Hill and other NT & Kimberley stations back in the 1940s, Donald Howard, is to visit Kununurra next week and there will be a presentation event at the Kununurra Museum. Donald will give a talk and will be presenting his genuine hand-made, 'Fred Gutte spurs' or 'Wave Hill spurs' to the Kununurra Historical Society to go on display at the Kununurra Museum on Tuesday June 14th 2016 at 7pm, all welcome to attend.

Donald Howard holding his Wave Hill Spurs
 President of the Kununurra Historical Society, Andrew Barker, has been in communication with Donald Howard since 2012, receiving regular updates (as new archives) from Donald as he has written his memoirs, proof-reading and offering advice. The “Fred Gutte” spurs were described by Outback Magazine as “literally worth their weight in gold.”  Fred Gutte was a  highly skilled blacksmith at Wave Hill station in the 1940’s and Donald has personal reminiscences in his memoirs describing some days working with him in the blacksmith's shop at Wave Hill, which are a priceless record. Photograph to right shows Donald Howard holding his Wave Hill spurs.

 Guttye made the spurs to his own design and sold them to stockmen and drovers on their personal order. The spurs became famous on every stock route and station throughout northern Australia.  Donald said he had paid Mr. Gutte  several old-style round tins of Log Cabin for the job.

 "A few months ago I presented the museum with 'The 1886 Rosewood Penny' which I found on Rosewood Station near the NT-WA border,” Donald said, going on to explain that they were droving cattle from Wave Hill station to the Wyndham Meatworks.  "While watching cattle graze during ‘dinner camp,' I was scratching some small squares of dried mud left in a creek bed after the Wet, when one square failed to break up. I gave it an extra poke then picked it up and found an 1886 English penny which is now on display at the Kununurra Museum."
1886 Rosewood Penny on display with Mrs Tom Kilfoyle's Travel Trunk and Rosewood Branding Irons

 The 1886 penny is now 130 years old, that being the same year that we are commemorating this year, when Wyndham was proclaimed a town at Cambridge Gulf, the northern hub to the Halls Creek gold-rush that set in that same year. The 1886 penny is now on display with Mrs Tom Kilfoyle's 1890's travel trunk, and some 'well used' TK & JK Rosewood Station branding irons at the Kununurra Museum. Donald said he hoped his donations would not only be a welcome addition to the museum’s collections but would 'spur on' others to give items of significance to this growing regional collection.

 On other occasions during his stay he will also be speaking at the Anglican church on Family Life as the Rev. Donald Howard. The local Anglican minister (the Rev. Gary Alexander) said that his guest speaker would concentrate on family life and show how biblical principles were still a strengthening influence in modern homes. Rev. Donald Howard will speak at 9.30am at the Anglican Church on Sunday, June 12th then at 5:30pm on Wednesday 15th at the Sandalwood Sanctuary (Research Station Road - Mock's old dairy). On Sunday, June 19th he will address the Anglican Church at at 9.30am and in the afternoon, will speak at a combined churches gathering in Whitegum Park at 3.30pm.

 Donald Howard worked on Territory and Kimberley stations, including Wave Hill and Flora Valley. He was  one of the finalists in the Steer Riding at the Negri Races in 1948, in what was virtually the Championship Steer Ride of North–West Australia. He hopes to launch a book of his exploits next year at the Kununurra Museum.

WANTED! - RM Williams Cuban Heels

 If you have an old pair of RM Williams Cuban Heel Stockman's boots you no longer use, please consider donating them to the Kununurra Museum as the fitting item to display the Wave Hill spurs on. Please contact Andrew at the Museum (hopefully before Tuesday).

30 Years of the Kununurra Historical Society

posted 29 May 2016, 11:16 by Kununurra Museum

30 Years of the Kununurra Historical Society - Sunday June 5th 2016


1986-06-14 - The Kimberley Echo - 'Historical Society Meets' - KHS-2016-78-H-BD_5
Read below or see the full History of the Kununurra Historical Society from the KHS Research Page.
2016-06-05 - 30 Years of KHS - Kununurra Museum site Now (2010s) and Then (1960s) Composite photo montage by AB for KHS
This coming week we commemorate thirty years since the inaugural meeting convened by Ursula Brimble and chaired by Dennis O'Brien, who (I learned only last week - AB 29 V 2016) had told the convenor, Ursula Brimble, before the meeting that he would NOT be President however it transpired that he did indeed become the first KHS President at that meeting in 1986. Dennis was made an Hon. Life Member of the Society a few years ago for all he did and donated to the KHS archive. This first meeting resulted in the formation of the Kununurra Historical Society Inc. (KHS) (Us! ;^) on June 5th 1986. In 2016 we commemorate 30 Years as a Society and will have an Open Day & Evening from 12 to 8pm - Sunday, June 5th 2016 - 30 Years! The night before this (Saturday June 4th) we will be having a KHS Members Dinner in Kununurra (hence the casual start time ;^) - Thank you to all those who have sent acceptances or apologies. A new page has been created that outlines this history, illustrated with newspaper articles from 1986 and includes the full inaugural meeting minutes - See the History of the Kununurra Historical Society from the KHS Research Page.

Wirraway DVs on Kununurra Museum YouTube Channel

posted 5 Nov 2015, 05:26 by Kununurra Museum   [ updated 5 Nov 2015, 10:49 ]

'Wirraway-Challenge' Display DV

This Digital Video (DV) set in 8 parts, was originally created in 2005 as a DVD for the Kununurra Museum - Wirraway-Challenge Display. This has been made public in November 2015, as we now have a Rights Agreement with, and thanks to, ABC (Australia). They have allowed us to use the audio from a radio interview made in 2005, by Vanessa Mills of ABC Kimberley Regional radio, Broome, which is used as the audio for some parts of the DV (Thanks Vanessa for your part in this : ).

 It is now 10 years since the opening of the display by the Wirraway A20-62 pilots, Lew Dwyer (in person), and Warwick Carmody (by phone), on March 20th 2005. The forced-landing site was first located and filmed, then salvaged by Andrew, Mario and Marieke in September and October 2004 and then to March 20th 2005 creating these DVs and the "Wirraway-Challenge" display which was opened at the Kununurra Museum on that day.

'Wirraway-Challenge' - Wirraway means Challenge
 On the Kununurra Museum YouTube Channel is the story of finding the Wirraway A20-62 forced-landing (March 20th 1942) site in 2004, on the far north East Kimberley Region coastal saltmarsh, about 6km from the Northern Territory border (129 degrees east longitude), just inside Western Australia. Along the border where they force-landed in March 1942 is right in the middle of the widest part of the huge coastal saltmarsh out there, being almost 40km from the bush to the actual coastline. The site was found while looking for glacial rocks that were marked on an old Geological map (Later they were found to not be glacial tillite, but in fact river tumbled rocks from an ancient Ord-Victoria River system).

 Many parts which were salvaged in September and October 2004 are now on permanent display at the Kununurra Museum.

The pilot of the Wirraway, Lew Dwyer phoned me a few weeks ago, and has done so, regularly, since 2004 - Lew turned 94 a few weeks ago in October 2015, still in his home at Taylor's Beach in Queensland.

NT Outdoor Picture Theatres in WWII

Andrew Barker (President) for Kununurra Historical Society.

The DV embedded here is the only DV without audio and is an interesting little edit I made (ten years ago), from still images of outdoor picture theatres of the Top End, during WWII, which I had come across during my research into 12 Squadron and Wirraway A20-62.

[It was edited with "Let's Edit" (Canopus - later became Edius - Grass Valley software).]

Click the 4 cornered gadget on lower right of control bar to go Full Screen (Escape to return) If Full Screen does not work you may need to watch it on the YouTube as below.

ALL Parts 1-8 are now Public and visible from the Kununurra Museum YouTube Channel - OR You can go to the KHS Research Page - where there is a separate research page on the "Wirraway-Challenge" which has more detail and links to all 8 DV parts.

Once you get to the end of the video - YouTube may serve up all sorts - Click on our Name below the video (Kununurra Museum) to get to our YouTube Channel which is at - KHS hopes you enjoy!

75 Years of Ord Irrigation

posted 17 Aug 2015, 10:47 by Kununurra Museum   [ updated 19 Aug 2015, 08:59 ]

Download - Proposed Research Station for the Kimberleys by KM Durack (1941)

On March 31st 1941 Kimberley Michael Durack (KMD) published a document which would lead to the instigation of an Ord River irrigation research station by the end of the same year. The reference to KMD's paper, titled, 'Developing the North - Proposed Research Station for the Kimberleys', was known from previous KHS research, but not in the archive, then in February 2015, the paper was located then photographed page by page, and since then, these pages have been transcribed by volunteer members of the Kununurra Historical Society (KHS). With the text and images now compiled into a document, with derivative format (PDF) which has now been placed for download (below) – fittingly this will be the first KHS archive to be placed as an online digital archive on the KHS website, to be made accessible to all.
Download KHS archive number KHS-2015-1-H-BD - 'Developing the North - Proposed Research Station for the Kimberleys'
 written by KM Durack and published on March 31st 1941. [This will be 75 years ago on March 31st 2016]
KHS hopes you enjoy and we would appreciate any feedback you may have by email ('Contact' above).
[As this PDF is hyperlinked it is best viewed by saving to your hard drive and viewing in Adobe Acrobat Reader and not in web based viewers as hyperlinking may not work correctly.] [Crop from cover of the KHS transcribed document - Click image to download this document of historical significance, to mark 75 years of Ord Irrigation history in 2016, made accessible to all by KHS in August 2015.]

Pearl Ogden Talk

posted 25 Jun 2015, 01:40 by Kununurra Museum   [ updated 25 Jun 2015, 01:49 ]

Memories of Stuart Skoglund

A talk will be g
Map to Kununurra Museum
iven at the Kununurra Museum by Pearl Ogden on Wednesday, July 8th 2015 at 7.00pm
The talk will be on, 'Memories of Stuart Skoglund and other aviation identities'...
Please bring your own chair - We do have seating for around 20 people but extra chairs may be required.
Donations can be made at the door on entry and thanks to Pearl, will benefit the Kununurra Historical Society archive.

The old and the new methods of mustering. Stuart Skoglund with VH-UTD and the head stockman on Kimberley Downs, 1973. Photo taken by Tom Meeds.

The old and the new methods of mustering. Stuart Skoglund with VH-UTD and the head stockman on Kimberley Downs, 1973. Photo taken by Tom Meeds. From 'Chasing last light. Aerial mustering 1968 – 1978' by Pearl Ogden (Page 24).

Digital Repatriation of Kimberley Records & 2015 AGM

posted 4 Apr 2015, 02:33 by Kununurra Museum   [ updated 12 Apr 2015, 05:10 ]

2015 - Digital Repatriation of Kimberley History Resources

2014 was a very productive year for Kununurra Historical Society's volunteer members who are active in the archive area, with a record, 154 new accessions (to December 31st 2014) added to our archive and museum collections for last year. A growing number of the new archives are "born digital" (BD), with KHS actively collecting items with relevance to Kimberley history from online collections and digitising records (that are not online) held in many other institutions, for local research purposes.

Our Main collection area is for the history of Kununurra - Tropical Agriculture and the Ord River Irrigation Area - As this is tied inextricably to general Kimberley and Northern Territory history (with our proximity to the WA/NT border - ~30km away) and because most 'places,' towns, missions, stations, Aboriginal Communities, in the Kimberley/NT do not have a historical society or archive to collect on their behalf, so we collect all aspects.

 Being about 800 km from Darwin and 100km from Wyndham, the Wyndham (WHS) & Kununurra Historical Societies (KHS) are over 3000km from Perth, where most of our State-based records are located, I know the tyranny of distance to research our own history, having spent much spare time in Perth at the WA Museum, the WA State Records Office and the State Library of WA (the latter couple facing a funding crisis), and other institutions, photographing hundreds (thousands?) of fascinating records, diaries and photographs. It is almost ten years that KHS has been doing things like this with some volunteer assistance to ; scan slides prints and documents ; to OCR text and correct from images of text documents ; or to transcribe hand-written diaries to get them into functional, illustrated, electronic document formats.

 I believe it is important to be able to research Kimberley history here in the Kimberley, so have actively collected relevant digital resources from online and offline primary sources to build up an ever-expanding digital archive for KHS, on all aspects of Kimberley and relevant Ord-Victoria - Northern Territory history.

 Having around 2000 photographs from KHS collections online to date, with the approval and assistance from other KHS members, I would like to see KHS formulate a plan to start placing the KHS archive listings online and start making even more of our own digital archives accessible to all.

 The Kununurra Historical Society would like to encourage ALL Australian collecting institutions, Universities, State Records Offices, Libraries, Museums, Archives &c. to target records from isolated places (such as the Kimberley Region) as a priority in digitisation programs and place these online. For most people in the State (living in Perth) it is easy enough to go to the Alexander Library building, but for people of Kununurra and Wyndham it is a 6000km round trip - This is not fair or equitable on researchers from these isolated regions, even today in 2015 - How does that sit with the policies of institutions regarding access to collections? - AND/OR - Consider, actively assisting extremely isolated organisations such as KHS, to repatriate digital copies of records relative to Kimberley History, when needed or required.

 These days with more and more records being digitised, institutions of the State and Australian Federal Governments should welcome this form of accessibility by actively encouraging the sharing of their collections freely with the people of the regions where those records originated, and are most difficult to access. If you or your institution have built up Kimberley history sources and resources in a similar way, consider sharing those with the Kununurra Historical Society's digital archive for use on digital displays for researchers at the Kununurra Museum as a local repository for the region they are from.

[Extract from draft President's Report (Andrew Barker) - April 4th 2015]

Kununurra Historical Society is a volunteer run not-for-profit organisation and registered as a Deductible Gift Recipient
(All donations over $2 are fully tax deductible :-)

The 2015 Annual General Meeting for the Kununurra Historical Society

AGM - Tuesday, April 7th 2015 at 7pm followed by General Meeting

2014 Annual General Meeting

posted 21 Feb 2014, 01:16 by Kununurra Museum   [ updated 1 Apr 2014, 03:19 ]

KHS AGM - Tuesday March 4th 7pm

The AGM for the Kununurra Historical Society has been set down for Tuesday, March 4th, 2014 at 7pm and will be held at the Kununurra Museum in Coolibah Drive. All Welcome!

Excerpt on AGMs from the KHS Constitution:

10.2. Annual General Meeting

10.2.1 The Annual General Meeting will be held in March each year.

10.2.2 For the election of office bearers at the Annual General Meeting, the President shall appoint, as presiding officer, an independent person or a member who is neither nominated for election nor a current executive office bearer.

10.2.3 The order of business at the Annual General Meeting shall be:


Presentation of:

President's Annual Report

Treasurer's Financial Report

Archive Officer's Report

Committee Reports

Election of Office Bearers

President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Archive Officer

The election of a Patron (Optional)

The election of a Trustee (Recommended, Optional)

The appointment of an Auditor


General Business

10.2.4 At least fourteen (14) days before the Annual General Meeting the Secretary may elect to:

(i) Send a notice of meeting to each financial member.

or (ii) Publish a notice of meeting in the local newspaper.

Any accidental omission to give notice under choice (ii) will not invalidate the meeting.

10.2.5 In the event of a quorum not being present thirty minutes after the advertised starting time, the Annual Meeting shall be adjourned to a date to be fixed by the President within 30 days thereafter and to be held whether a quorum is present or not.


11.1 The quorum for attendance at Committee Meetings shall be five financial members,two of whom must be elected officers of the executive.

11.2 The quorum for attendance at Annual General Meetings and Special General Meetings shall be ten financial members or two thirds of the the Society's financial members, whichever is the lesser.

[End of excerpt from KHS Constitution]

View the KHS Constitution

From today you can now see the entire (current) KHS Constitution here on the website or as downloadable PDFs from there.

Proposed Constitution Changes 2014

 There is a great need for some changes to our constitution to bring it up-to-date for the 21st century. We invite members and others with current constitution experience to view the 2014 proposed changes. Until we get this onto a separate page. Please feel free to email us for a copy of the 2014 proposed changes. A full downloadable copy of the constitution as it is now, is available from the KHS Constitution (page) here on this website

1941 Carlton Reach Pump Engine - Now at Kununurra Museum

posted 24 Oct 2013, 04:07 by Kununurra Museum   [ updated 24 Oct 2013, 04:39 ]

Kim Durack's Pump Engine

 Since locating and researching the provenance of the 36HP "Petters Atomic Diesel Engine," KHS member volunteers have worked at trying to make the engine more accessible (to all! :-), for display at the Kununurra Museum, to help show the local, State and National significance of tropical agriculture on the Ord and in the Kimberley Region.

On April 12th 2013, that research work resulted in great success, when the 36 HP "Petters Atomic Diesel Engine" was donated to the Kununurra Historical Society by the Department of Agriculture and Food WA - Frank Wise Institute of Tropical Agriculture, formerly the Kimberley Research Station (KRS), where the engine was also in use until the 1950s.
2012-10-24 - Petters - Carlton Reach Pump Engine at Kununurra Museum
The Petters 36 HP - Carlton Reach Pump Engine in place at the Kununurra Museum on October 24th 2013

KHS Archive Number - KHS-2013-124-P-BD

Note that the original river loam is still embedded in the fly-wheel and outer belt pulley wheel, left there when the engine was removed from the Ord River east bank at KRS, by Murray Shiner and one of his excavators, some years ago. A request was made when moving the engine this year, to leave this in place and amazingly this soil has remained in place throughout the various movements to get to the museum grounds.

[It was the intention to leave this dirt in place, to help tell this story, however, this may need to now be removed to prevent further rusting.If so at least here, that story is remembered, with photographic evidence. - AB 23 X 2013]

[For detailed information go to the KHS Carlton Reach Pump Engine RESEARCH page.]

Why is this engine significant?

 The engine was used for the first experiments with irrigation for tropical agriculture, at Carlton Reach, on the Ord River. pumping from what was the Kimberley's largest waterhole. It was used by Kim and Bill Durack, who also described and wrote of the engine, as "the heartbeat of activities" at the Ord River Experimental Farm. In 1946 the engine was relocated to the Kimberley Research Station, where it was in use until at least the time of the Ord in flood during 1956, when the engine went underwater, temporarily.

Where is the engine now and where will it go (and how)?

At the time the engine was at the old KRS site in view of the Ord River - You can see photographs of it as it was on this page.

KHS now has this original Carlton Reach pump engine by the entrance gate of the Kununurra Museum.

What's That Thing? - ABC Kimberley - Web Page and Radio Interview [March 2013]

  Before the engine was officially donated to KHS, Vanessa Mills of ABC Broome did a radio segment, "What's That Thing?", featuring KHS research on the Carlton Reach Pump Engine - See the web page - ABC Kimberley Radio Interview in March 2013 - About the "Petters Atomic Diesel Engine and listen to the audio from there.

Moving the Petters Engine - September 3rd 2013

 The 36 HP Petters “Atomic Diesel Engine” was moved once again, from the west bank of the Ord at the Frank Wise Institute of Tropical Agriculture (formerly the Kimberley Research Station - KRS),on September 3rd 2013, after the engine was gifted to KHS by the Institute's Director, Mr. Noel Wilson, on behalf of the Department of Agriculture and Food WA (DAFWA), earlier this year. With great appreciation from the Kununurra Historical Society, the engine was moved once again, by John McAuliffe (“Banjo”), of Argyle Engineering, with thanks also going to Kimberley Industries for use of their crane.

The Petters Moves Again

This engine is no new-comer to being moved, originally from the UK Petter plant it was shipped to Western Australia and was reputed to have been used, possibly for power generation, somewhere along the goldfields pipeline before 1941. Late in 1941 the Public Works Department (PWD) shipped the engine to Wyndham and flew up Mr Cook, a fitter from the State Implement Works to install the engine at Carlton Reach for the new experimental station, being set up to be run by Kimberley Michael Durack.

 With the realisation that most of the irrigable land in the Ord valley was blacksoil, the engine was moved from the alluvial soil site of Carlton Reach to the new Kimberley Research Station (KRS) site in 1946. In recent years the engine was removed by Murray Shiner, with an excavator, rescuing it from burial in the east embankment of the Ord. This was close to the KRS pump site, and the engine was placed by Murray, higher up to the top of the bank, onto an existing concrete pad, where it had remained until now.

  On September 3rd 2013 it was moved once again to the Argyle Engineering workshop, where a frame for the engine to be mounted on was engineered. The base is being engineered to be moved again (by forklift), for example to be displayed at the Agricultural Show or other events.

The engine, mounted on the new steel base, was brought to the museum on October 16th 2013, using Argyle Engineering's truck and forklift. Cracker-dust to fill the area was supplied by Guerinoni & Son on October 22nd, who also moved the engine into its present position, by the front gate.  Our great appreciation and thanks go out to all who have made this possible, including Noel Wilson, the Department of Agriculture and Food WA, John McAuliffe, Argyle Engineering, Kimberley Industries, Neil Butcher, Barry McKinlay, Steve Guerinoni and staff from Guerinoni & Son.

[For detailed information go to the KHS Carlton Reach Pump Engine RESEARCH page.]

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