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New Ord Noah Collection

posted 14 May 2017, 15:15 by Kununurra Museum
 A great new collection of 193 photographs have been derived from the album made by Henry Hall, who was in charge of Operation Ord Noah during the 1971-72 wet season, which saw Lake Argyle fill for the first time. Henry was part of the wildlife group Western Australian Wildlife Association (WAWA so when you see WAWA on boats in this collection that is nothing to do with the Water Corporation's former title post PWD, Water Authority of Western Australia - WAWA).
 Clicking album page below will take you to the Album collection, once there click on an image then scroll down for further information or view ALL as a slideshow (only available from main album page - near top right of page). 
Page from the Ord Noah Henry Hall Album has 2 x photographs - Above is Bob Dear, Malcolm Douglas< David Oldmeadow and Neville Beeck unscrew "Pumpkins Plaque". - Photograph below shows Harry Butler handling a King Brown snake in flood waters beside an aluminium dinghy.
 This adds to our collections online, with more than 2,400 photographs available in our collections on Flickr, which now, have had over 2,100,000 views (since 2011), so what otherwise would have been seen by nobody, languishing in the archive, have been made "ACCESSIBLE to ALL!" and are being made more and more "DISCOVERABLE" through social media avenues. On behalf of the Kununurra Historical Society, we hope you enjoy.
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